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By Web Admin on 24 September 2012 12:31

Director, Peter Lewis has added another 'string to his bow' and an additional service that Lewis Surveying is now able to offer. Following a challenging course and examination in London, he is now qualified as an expert witness.

By Web Admin on 23 August 2012 09:53

Japanese Knotweed is a destructive super-weed which has spread rapidly since its introduction in the 19th Century. It grows up to 3 meters in just 12 weeks and the key factor for home owners is its ability to grow through concrete, tarmac and paving...

By Web Admin on 06 August 2012 13:21
St Robert's of Newminster is undergoing extensive restoration following a devastating fire which broke out in the Sacristy. The fire damage affected the church itself and as a consequence they sought the Interior Design skills of LSA. They required advice and suggestions on colour palette and an artist's impression to illustrate the potential new decor. 

Jennifer and Josie Lewis in the design team created three colour schemes, which would be appropriate for a Church of this size and historic importance. The colours and religious connotations were researched in depth. After the initial phase of research and consultation they created a number of visuals by combining hand rendered sketches with computer aided design. This technique resulted in an accurate but atmospheric style, which would enable Parishioners to generate an idea of how the Church might look when finished. 

Following a presentation and a few minor alterations, the colour scheme was then taken to the Historic Churches Committee for their...
By Web Admin on 12 July 2012 15:00

Our very own Peter Lewis has been appointed as a trustee of the Richmond building preservation trust. The Trust has been responsible for the highly successful preservation and conservation of Richmond Station Cinema as pictured below.

By Web Admin on 14 June 2012 00:00
LSA has been appointed by the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle to project manage the remedial repairs of St Roberts of Newminster in Morpeth following a fire which broke out... during Sunday mass. Everyone safely exited the church before the local fire brigade brought the blaze quickly under control.

The Church is a listed building with some unique artwork and hence will require careful remediation. Specialist assessors have been appointed to assess the damage to; stain glass windows, embroidered vestments, artwork and decoration and the church organ.

LSA have managed a number re instatement projects following such catastrophes including the reinstatement of Wordsworth's House in 2009.

By Web Admin on 12 June 2012 00:00

Following the introduction of new Government Legislation, the standard forms of contract used for building work have been updated...

These changes are particularly important in terms of the steps and processes to be followed to manage accurate payments between the Contractor and the Building owner.

LSA as project managers can help clients select and administer the most effective standard forms of contract to suit a client’s building project or repairs.

By Web Admin on 12 June 2012 00:00

A new Pre Court Protocol and new RICS guidelines have recently been introduced for Dilapidation claims. Landlords and tenants need to ensure that they follow the new guidelines if they are not to jeopardise their claims or defence...

The changes include the need for a new document; a ‘Quantified Demand’ to lay out the claim and its justification.

Please contact Lewis Surveying Associates should you have any queries about how these changes may affect your tenancy agreements.

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