Drone flies through the air on a high level inspection survey

Drone Surveys

Lewis Surveying Associates, are harnessing new drone technology to conduct high level building surveys. The drone can allow the Surveyors to make quick, safe high level inspections of roofs and masonry without the expense of lift platforms or scaffold.

Surveyor, Josie Lewis, has a CAA accredited Drone License which is required by law for those using drones for commercial purposes. The Civil Aviation Authority approved training ensures that Drone users follow safe operating procedures with a full understanding of what constitutes safe air space for flights.

Working within the open spaces of the Yorkshrie Dales means the opportunity for Drone surveys is higher than in a built up area. 


It is well documented that Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones as they are commonly known, are the future in terms of providing real-world solutions to traditional problems.

High level inspection access within the surveying is essential to making an informed decision and UAV’s make that an affordable option for smaller projects. In comparison lift platforms and scaffolding are a more traditional yet costly method.

As Chartered Surveyors, we are able to combine high-level imagery and videos with defect reporting and building maintenance. It is particularly useful in the open moorland setting of the Yorkshrie Dales where the opportunity for drone surveys is higher than in an urban environmnent. 

In addition, the future of land surveying is increasingly incorporating the use of UAV’s and photogrammetry.