Listed private home set in woodland surveyed by Lewis Surveying

Historic Property Consultants

LSA’s experience extends over 15 years as consultant to The National Trust, English Heritage and private property owners. Over that period, expertise in survey and conservation planning has developed to embrace the repair and restoration of historic structures, including Ancient Monuments, Listed Country houses and Commercial premises.

Lewis Surveying provides supporting reports in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) recording the significance of historic structures from Level 1 through to Level 4 depending on the requirements. In addition we also produce Heritage Impact Statements which are a planning requirement for many buildings whether they are Listed or perhaps a non-designated asset. 

The practice also takes an active part in promoting conservation in the North of England and acts as Heritage Skills Ambassadors for the North of England Civic Trust; heritage skill training is managed for masons and other building trades to provide hands-on training in traditional materials and building techniques.


  1. I am thinking about purchasing a listed building, will it mean there are tighter controls on what I can do?

Listed properties are categorised into three levels of significance; Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II and it is the latter which makes up 92% of all listed buildings. Living in a Listed property means there will be extra local authority control over the interior, exterior and indeed the entire curtilage. If you wish to make any changes to the property it is best to seek professional advice from us on how best to proceed.

  1. How do I know if my property is listed?

Historic England have a database and website which shows all listed properties and the detailed description of why the historical asset is of significance.

  1. Why do I need a Heritage Impact Statement?

A Heritage Impact Statement is a report, which can be provided by Lewis Surveying Associates, requested by local authorities particularly if the property is in a conservation area, National Park or is Listed. Using desk-based research and on site investigations we are able to detail the significance of a historical property, whether it is listed or perhaps a non-designated asset.