Surveyor with total station about to create a topographical survey

Measured Surveys

Whether you want a kitchen extension or full house renovation we can generate accurate scale floor plans, elevations, and cross sections. Using AutoCAD to create technical drawings of the existing layout we are then able to produce design solutions for your home extension or renovation.

The level of detail of the CAD drawings very much depends on each project. Below are a number of examples where you might need scaled technical drawings.


Simple floor plans and elevations may be needed for planning permission if you are extending your home. A member of our team will visit your property and take on site measurements. Using AutoCAD we will create plans to submit to the local authority as part of your planning application.


Floor Plans, Elevations and a Cross Section can be used when re-designing the layout of your home. Sometimes moving home is not always the answer and utilising the space you already have can be more beneficial. Renovating your home with a single storey or double story extension can really transform your living space and a measured survey is the first port of call on this journey to establish the existing parameters. Someone from our experienced team will be able to lead you through the process and provide architectural solutions to your design brief.


Basic Site Plans of a larger area, incorporating both property and external areas, are required in a number of circumstances. For example if you are thinking of developing a range of farm buildings into a number of different units.


National Grid linked land surveys are a more detailed way of measuring a large area. Using a total station and GPS receiver we are able to generate plans of a larger area quickly and efficiently to capture more information.


  1. What is a measured survey?

A measured survey is a way of creating technical drawings of a house floor plan, elevation, cross section or site plan for example. A team member will visit your property and take measurements in order to generate the plans in AutoCAD.

  1. What features are drawn in a measured survey?

A measured survey can vary in detail from a basic room layout or building footprint to detailed technical drawings. The level of detail will depend on the purpose of the drawings, from capturing the room layouts for remodelling/house renovation to detailed technical drawings for a kitchen extension.

  1. Do I need a measured survey?

A measured survey is needed to produce scaled drawings which are an invaluable tool in the renovation or remodelling of a property. Before you can redesign your home, you first need to know what is existing and a measured survey is the first step in this journey.

  1. How much is a measured survey?

The cost varies depending on your requirements and therefore the time needed on site and in the office to produce the technical drawings on AutoCAD. We are more than happy to provide a free no obligation quote for your project.

  1. Are the drawings to scale?

Yes, it is important they are to scale so you can then accurately plan your house renovation.